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Leather handbags – Go On Treat Yourself To Genuine Leather Bags From Handbag-s.com

The choice of handbags and leather goods we supply offering types of leather from

Suede, leather , Italian leather, 4 different types of hides quality design styles from Shoulder, Messenger Bags, Tote, Saddle and range of Satchel, Clutch bags & Purses, supplying goods styles for Laptop bags, Camera bag , leather Wallets and Briefcases we have today never been so vast. The market is literally flooded with every type of handbag and leather accessories you could possibly want, from massive range of tote to the mini-clutch. You could also buy a designer leather handbag and spend literally hundreds and thousands on a single bag, or in complete contrast, you can buy a faux-leather, unbranded handbag made from polyurethane, for very little.Read more...

So, what are the real benefits in adding genuine leather handbags to your collection?

Real leather handbags are made from the processed hides of animals, such as cows, calves, buffalos, sheep, lambs, camels and goats. Sometimes more exotic animal skins are used, such as those from an ostrich or an alligator and high end expensive crocodile skin . If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, real leather may not be an option for you.

Since it’s come from a former living, breathing animal, real leather’s very flexible and also very durable. It will withstand a certain amount of tugging, stretching and daily use, as you take it out and about with you on your many journeys.

Leather improves in look and feel as it ages, with the colour maturing and the suppleness increasing too. Since leather is breathable, it makes a great container for all your bits and pieces and will keep your handbag contents smelling fresh, enhanced by the wonderful natural smell that only real leather produces. Real leather bags can also be cleaned with relative ease to wipe off dirt and grease.

Different types of leather bags have different features and benefits. For example, cowhide is the most popular and also the most hard-wearing of leathers. Camel leather has ten times the density of cowhide, so it provides the ultimate in durability. It’s also quite soft to the touch, with an attractive grain and a nice tan colour. Buffalo hide is as strong and as supple as cowhide, but isn’t stretched quite as much when made, so the pattern of the grain is more accentuated. Sheepskin is a fairly common leather, but less durable. Goat and kid leathers are relatively uncommon, but can still be found in brands such as Mulberry. Goatskin is more chic and more durable than sheepskin. Pigskin is another leather type that’s sometimes used, but you can see all the pores in the skin on the leather, so you have to like this particular look to appreciate it.

By contrast to real leather handbags, polyurethane is a man-made material and isn’t anywhere near as high in quality. Stretchy, thin and shiny in appearance, there’ll be a uniformity in the pattern of the fake pores. Unlike real leather, polyurethane will stand up to spills and stains fairly well and won’t mark as much if you have an accident with a liquid or get caught in the rain. You are, however, sacrificing the quality of real leather if you go for synthetic leather and you won’t get the smell, look, feel or performance of a genuine leather handbag.

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