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Quality Leather Camera Bags: Are they Safe to House your Camera?

Camera bags made of cowhide, camel leather, goat leather, and buffalo leather are very popular, one reason for this being that they are safe for cameras. But how is this so?Read more...

1) Good leather camera bags are soft as a result of the tanning process that quality leather goes through. This means no scratches for your camera lens and the camera body.

2) Leather is very resilient, meaning your camera will be safe from rain, sunlight, and mud. This resilience also means straps will not give way easily in case of snatching.

3) A good camera leather bag manufacturer will include permanent or removable padding/cushioning, adding to the safety of your camera. Since leather is soft, the padding required is less than that required with other materials.

4) Most of these bags have separate pockets so that the different components of the camera are kept separate. This further reduces the risk of damaged.

5) Leather can also be treated to be fire resistant.

There are several other reasons why you should go for a camera bag made from leather.

• Leather has an exotic, luxurious, timeless, stylish look and feel that no other material can match.

• Our Hides is very durable and your bag will go for several years without requiring replacement. This means you end up saving money.

• Leather is dust and lint free. Very little care is required to keep leather in pristine condition.

• Given that leather is natural, there is no risk of rashes and other allergic reactions common with synthetic materials.

• Leather, unlike most other materials, is resistant to fungal attacks and dust mites.

Be on the lookout for all types of deasigns styles adn trends of leather items to ensure your camera is safe and to enjoy the other benefits provided by a camera bag made from leather.

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