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Leather Hobo Bags – italian Designs & Styles What are leather hobo bags?

Some may hear the term hobo bag and picture a tied up napkin attached to the end of a long stick, held by a scruffy looking hobo. Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth, although it does derive its name from the traditional hobo bag. This is due to the resemblance in shape, with their slouchy, pouch like appearance they both share some of the same iconic characteristics.Read more...

Since its introduction the hobo bag has been a mainstay in the fashion industry. Due to their popularity, you may have walked past them in a shop or even owned one without realizing it’s a hobo! Anyway, enough with the history lesson, to truly appreciate leather italian hobo bags its necessary to take a closer look at them.

Leather hobo bags – design & style

In terms of shape and style, the hobo bag is a timeless classic that’s been continuously reinvented over the years, adapting to the trends of the time. Although there are some key characteristics that a hobo bag has to have, there are ways in which each design varies too. The first is most noticeably size, the smaller sized bags are more popular than the larger versions, perfect for carrying those ‘going out’ essentials! The larger has its place too, often used as a smart/casual work bag; it’s accompanied by design features like interior/exterior pockets or adjustable straps. A recognisable feature of the majority of hobo bags is the simplicity of the design, with complimentary features accentuating the unique shape.

italian Leather hobo bags – Finishes

Leather is a versatile material with an array of different finishes and textures available, it doesn’t all start and end at colours though. There’s the type of leather to consider too, from the finely balance durable and soft feel of cowhide to the enduring softness of cow goat hide soft leather

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