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Genuine Leather purses, Why choose a purse made from hide leather?

Leather purses are a necessary and essential accessory for any woman and for all and every occasion, whether it’s for a night out on the town or one for an everyday use. Read more...

However, there is more to it than just buying a purse, as the material is one of the first things that customers should think about. Leather is a preferred choice, mainly because not only does it look exquisite but it is very hard wearing and long lasting.

Prized and renowned for its quality, hide leather provides customers with both a durable and high quality textured finish. When looking to buy in top quality hide leather purses, Italy is one of the most sought after manufacturers. Steeped in a history of high fashion, a lot of the world’s leather supplies come from areas such as Tuscany. One of the main reasons why Italian leather is used and very sought after is because as part of an old school method used in Italy, the hides are tumbled, which results in a supple and unblemished leather.

Tumble and Hide are one of the first companies to note. They only use 100% genuine Italian leather which has been produced in Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. Their entire product range is produced in the United Kingdom and is very much sought after. Etsy and Primehide, two online stores, are also big sellers of hide leather purses of varies styles, from clutch to cowhide purses with fringes. Much of their stock is produced and bought from Italian regions producing cowhide, buffalo hide and so on. Both companies put effort and thought into their leather purses, ensuring that they are selling the best quality and finest hide goods.

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