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Leather shoulder bags and handbags

Leather shoulder bags come in many shapes, and sizes. While the design is left to the maker’s creativity, and innovation, there are certain standard materials used.Read more...

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide leather, or leather that comes from cow skins, is a popular material used to manufacture high quality bags. This type of leather is commonly used to make high end products such as automobile seats and sofas, and shoulder bags made using cowhide leather last very long. Cowhide leather has a noticeable texture, giving a slightly rough feeling when touched. Naturally, products made with cowhide leather are expensive.

Skin Leather

Lambskin leather comes from the skin of sheep. Shoulder bags, and handbags, made from this leather have a soft and smooth texture. These products however will be delicate, susceptible to tear or scratch very easily, and become indented much easier.

Faux Leather

Faux leather, or artificial leather has the looks of high quality leather, but experienced hands can make out the difference by touch, or even by looks. Leather from a real animal will always show the scrapes and cuts that the animal went through, but faux leather handbags do not have such creases or deformities. Shoulder bags and handbags made of faux leather are more durable than those made by high end cowhide, look perfect, are available more easily, and come at a lesser cost, and for these reasons, are the most common.

Patch Leather

Patch leather shoulder bags and handbags are made from many small pieces of leather, which may be either cow skin or lamb leather. As it comes from leftover pieces, it costs considerably less than real leather of the same material, and retains the quality of the real leather.


There is no hard and fast rule for the size of a shoulder bag or hand bag. Such bags come in varying sizes, to suit convenience for different uses. For instance, a shoulder bag required to carry a laptop would need to have a dimension of 35 cm X 29 cm X 13 cm to accomodate a 15″ laptop. Generally lamb skin bags tend to be smaller in size.

The best type of bags and handbags depend on individual tastes, and convenience.

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