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Leather Wallets for Men and Women: Who Invented Wallets?

Leather is the most popular material for wallets today because of its many benefits, among them its durability, its timeliness, its strength, its softness, its flexibility, and its good smell. But have you ever wondered where it all started?Read more...

It may not be possible to know who invented leather wallets, but they were invented towards the end of the 17th century. Wallets were made immediately after the introduction of paper currency (invented in 1690 in Massachusetts). Wallets were predominantly used by men, and have been until recently.

Before people started using leather wallets, they used simple purses to carry metal coins. The purses resembled drawstring bags.

The original wallets made from leather were made of cowhide and horse leather. Most had a small pouch which housed identification cards (then called calling cards).

The ancestor of today’s leather wallet (which includes different slots) was invented in the 1950s. There was very little change in the design of the wallet throughout the 20th century, the only exception being the Velcro wallet of the 70s.

Another notable change to the wallet came in 1996, following the invention of what is popularly referred to as All-ett billfold wallet. This wallet more than halved the bulkiness of the original wallet.

There have been changes in shapes, colour, and size in the 20th century. Wallets were traditionally used to carry cash, but they are today mostly used to carry credit cards, identification documents such as ID cards and driver’s license, business cards, and other laminated or paper cards.

Women have traditionally used purses to carry paper currency and other items, but the modern woman is carrying leather wallets because they are small and convenient to carry around. Some women carry purses and tuck wallets inside them.

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