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Alternative hide materials for leather brifecase anyone?

Fashionable mens leather briefcases have become a must have accessory for the up and coming executive. Several fashion moguls have incorporated real leather briefcases into their product lines due to the warmth and versatility of the material.Read more...

The standard material for mens leather briefcases has always been cowhide leather, now the fashion industry has some amazing alternatives. Buffalo leather briefcases make an awesome Christmas gift idea for the man whom has everything. Buffalo leather differs from normal cowhide leather in both thickness and flexibility. The wider grain ensures a beautiful finish, a soft touch, and an airiness of superiority.

Goat leather handbags and briefcases are a phenomenal sensation and the material has been used for centuries for its extremely durable qualities. Originally used for binding books, making water containers and even drums, goat skin leather is very versatile.

The strength of real goatskin leather briefcases allows a longer lasting product with a unique yet soft and smooth finish. Goatskin was reportedly used by gods in ancient civilisations to ward off evil spirits and bad omens.

Fish, pig, and even kangaroo hides have been used to make leather products across the globe. Some clothing, furniture coverings and wallpaper have all been made using tanned leather. The many uses for leather, as well as the numerous types available, makes leather one of the worlds most used natural materials.

Sometimes referred to as a leather attaché case, businessmen around the globe are warming to these new leather briefcases. Carefully crafted from sustainable sources whilst using humane methods, mens leather briefcases are the most prominent accessory in the office. Varying shades, styles, and finishes ensure that cheap leather briefcases for men, or handbags for women, are not just a mere accessory, but a symbol of the person themselves.

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